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In case of need, the Consular Sections of the Portuguese Embassies and Consulates can provide support to travelers. This support is translated into:
- issuance of a provisional travel document, in case of loss of documentation;
- facilitating contact with hospital units in the event of an accident or illness and with lawyers in case of detention;

The consular protection can not, however, release him from prison, pay the hotel, doctor, lawyer, travel or other bills.

In countries outside the European Union and where there is no Portuguese consular representation, you can request assistance from the Embassies and Consulates of other Member States of the European Union.

Travelers are advised to follow some general recommendations, which will suit any country they choose to travel to:
Before departure
Check if you have a valid passport. Some countries require an expiration date that can go up to 6 months after the trip. If possible leave the family photocopy of the passport and the contact of the hotel where it will be installed. Also check that your credit / debit cards are accepted in the country of destination;

If you are going to travel to a European Union country using your ID card / Citizen Card as your travel document, check that it is valid;

Check in time to see if you need a visa to enter the destination country (s). If so, do not leave without obtaining the respective visa (s);

If you are traveling to countries with precarious security conditions, please seek as much information as possible before departure and inform the Portuguese Embassy (s) and / or Consulate (s) in the country or countries that you wish to visit, the dates foreseen for the beginning and end of the trip, itinerary, overnight stays and their telephone contacts;

Some countries are governed by strict laws prohibiting the consumption, importation and sale of alcoholic beverages. Please inquire before departure;

Please inform yourself in advance if the country you are going to visit requires the presentation of the international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. The vaccination against yellow fever must be carried out at least 10 days before the trip and has a validity of 10 years;

If you travel to a country with a tropical climate or endemic diseases, make a travel medicine consultation in advance 6 to 4 weeks before departure;

Always carry the prescription of the medicines you are taking. Remember that there are legally permitted substances in Portugal that are illegal in other countries.

If you travel to a European Union country, get your European Health Insurance Card

Please inform yourself in advance of any special health care, such as vaccination or other special precautions;

Inquire about health care agreements that may exist with the destination country (s);

If you drive, check that your driving license is valid and is recognized by the country you want to visit. Inform yourself of the local legislation and scrupulously comply with the Highway Code of the country where you travel. Recall that many countries use mechanisms for immediate application of the penalty resulting from the offense;

Take out full travel insurance.
On arrival at the destination
In order to avoid misplacing the documents, it is advisable to deposit the originals and travel tickets in the hotel's safe-deposit boxes. In most countries, the photocopy of the documents, certified with the hotel's oil seal, is sufficient;

Whatever the country of destination, you should avoid displaying jewelry and valuables. Small thefts are a constant and every precaution is advisable;

Avoid frequenting poorly lit streets at night and do not resist an attempted violent robbery;

Do not carry suitcases or packages that do not belong to you and always keep your luggage under surveillance;

Do not drive other people's vehicles across borders;

Refuse and avoid any kind of contact, manipulation or drug use. It may face, depending on the law of each country, heavy fines, long prison terms in difficult conditions, or even the death penalty;

In the Muslim and Eastern countries, the traveler will encounter cultures very different from the Western ones, having to observe the local regulations regarding the clothing and forms of behavior. Drug and alcohol use is often punishable by heavy prison sentences. Also keep in mind that your actions may benefit or harm the image of Portugal.

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